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TOURNAMENT SERIES: Points, Division Allstars and Team Savannah Information


Listed below are the point totals for all players in each age division thru the Tournament at Savannah Harbor on Monday July 10th. Each junior earns points each week played. (1st-125, 2nd-100, 3rd-85, 4th-75, 5th-70, 6th-65, 7th-60, 8th-55, 9th-50, 10th-40) All players not in the top 10 earn 25 points.

Points are used to determine Division Allstars. We also use points to assist in selecting our Team Savannah.

Team Savannah is a group that competes in the Georgia Cup which is a Match Play event against Atlanta Junior Golf, St. Simons and Coastal South Georgia. This years event will be held at the Retreat Course at Sea Island in October. Team Savannah consists of the following; 8 players total- 1 player from the 17-18 year old boys division(must still be in high school), 2 players from the 14-15 year old boys division, 2 players from the 13-14 year old boys division, 1 player from the 10-12 year old boys division, 1 player from the 15-18 year old girls division, and 1 player from the 10-14 year old girls division.

Team Savannah Additional Information – This event is a competition, so the players selected will be those that we think will give Savannah the best chance to win the event. Division points are a small portion of the criteria for selecting these players. We also take a scoring average using the lowest 4 scores of the summer. There are a few players playing in a division higher than their age who may also be considered when selecting the team.

Boys 17-18

Joseph Pittman 445, Logan Sapp 430, Josh Shearouse 410, Logan Wise 385, Ethan McDonald 370, Leroy Parker 250, Corey Shuman 230, Brock Baumgartner 195, Peter Caughran 130

Boys 15-16

Andrew Scarano 471, Alfred Roberts 366, Blake Forbes 330, Chris Hirata 303, Aidan Ganley 300, Mycah Feltman 293, Davis Bush 228, Will Ducey 203, Matthew Daniel 203, Ben Wood 203, Thad Wheeler 163, Jack Floyd 160, Chapman Bryant 158, Ryder Childress 155, Brody Sessions 140, Wilson Johnson 125, Edwin Shepherd 125, Joseph Hill 125, Chase Brown 125, Chris Phillips 115, Jake Harnan 108, Graham Cowan 83, Noah Fordham 75, Sam Tyler 75, Landry Sutton 50, Zane Caughran 50, Clay Gernier 25, John Youmans 25

Boys 13-14

Brenden Tigert 420, Jacop Fripp 418, Grant Mahaffey 370, William Oliver 350, Liam Markgraf 350, Mark Greene 323, Connor Cohen 260, Smith Baiad 210, Clay Massey 180, Hayden Davis 160, Lane McCullough 160, Christain Ghee 120, Jake Jones 115, Noah Fennell 85, Blake Schwabe 75

Boys 10-12

Nicholas Scarano 500, Finley Burke 460, Owen Markgraf 350, Haddon Watson 340, Whit Watson 320, Sam Reynolds 243, Mathew Reynolds 233, Colin Kucera 220, Jace Poppell 150, Dallas Hunter 133, Braden Schnaible 128, Hank Tollison 85

Girls 15-18

Emma Saunders 435, Tricia Reisman 255, Rachel Wohn 250, Michaela Kaigler 250, Morgan Dennis-Jones 250, Sarah Edwards 125, Alivia Rukmana 100, Rin Richardson 75

Girls 10-14

Erica Couch 500