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TOURNAMENT SERIES: Tee times and information for Monday July 17th at Marshwood


The Tournament Series will play Monday July 17th at the Marshwood Golf Course at the Landings Club. You will need to enter through the main gate as they will have the names of all of the junior players.

Marshwood will be closed Monday. This will not have an impact on play as the range will be available as well as restrooms in the clubhouse and on the course. We will have water and snacks as usual.

Spectator Carts will not be available. 

I will need some parents who would like to volunteer to help with water. There is not alot of water on the course so I would like to have several carts riding around with water to make sure the players stay hydrated. Please email or text me if you are interested. This is on a limited basis.

NOTE TO SPECTATORS – It has been brought to my attention that there are some parents who are possibly coaching/giving advice to their children. This will not be tolerated and is addressed in our Spectator Code of Conduct. At this point in the season, there will be no warnings. Players will be penalized 2 shots for the first violation, and disqualification from the event on the second violation. Please review the Spectator Code of Conduct.

1st Tee

8:00 am – Rachel Wohn, Emma Saunders, Alivia Rukmana

8:09 am – Tricia Reisman, Michaela Kaigler

8:18 am – Jacob Fripp, William Oliver, Brenden Tigert

8:27 am – Mark Greene, Liam Markgraf, Clay Massey

8:36 am – Connor Cohen, Lane McCullough, Jake Jones

8:45 am – Hayden Davis, Smith Baiad, Blake Schwabe

8:54 am – Nicholas Scarano, Haddon Watson, Finley Burke

9:03 am – Whit Watson, Owen Markgraf, Sam Reynolds

9:12 am – Dallas Hunter, Collin Kucera, Mathew Reynolds

9:21 am – OPEN

9:30 am – Hal Dollander, Evan Blessett, Helen Caughran

9:39 am – Christian Bentley, Chase Farrell, Walker Todd


10th Tee

8:00 am – Joseph Pittman, Josh Shearouse, Logan Sapp, Will Sharpe

8:09 am – Ethan McDonald, Logan Wise, Peter Caughran

8:18 am – Mycah Feltman, Chris Hirata, Andrew Scarano, Alfred Roberts

8:27 am – Blake Forbes, Thad Wheeler, Aidan Ganley, Matthew Daniel

8:36 am – Will Ducey, Chris Phillips, Edwin Shepherd

8:45 am – Landry Sutton, Brody Sessions, Chapman Bryant

8:54 am – Ryder Childress, Jake Harnan, Wilson Johnson

9:03 am – Graham Cowan, Jack Floyd, Joseph Hill

9:12 am – Sam Tyler, Noah Fordham, Zane Caughran

9:21 am – Leroy Parker, Brock Baumgartner, Corey Shuman