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MATT WARREN MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT: Monday July 22nd at Savannah Golf Club

The Matt Warren Memorial Golf Tournament will be held Monday and Tuesday July 22nd and 23rd at the Savannah Golf Club. Tee times and Pairings are listed below. Please plan to stay after the round on Tuesday for Lunch and Awards.

The driving range will be available at approximately 7:30 am.

Tee Times for Monday July 22nd

1st Tee

8:30 am – Aidan Ganley, Jaoob Fripp, Davis Bush

8:39 am – Will Ducky, Brenden Tigert, Andrew Scarano

8:48 am – Connor Cohen, Alex Bokina, Smith Bakad, Gavin Sizemore

8:57 am – Mark Greene, Clay Massey, Lane McCullough

9:06 am – Kate Barber, Erica Couch, Gracie Lively

9:15 am – Tobi Roberson, Maddie Sheldon, Haydon Price

9:24 am – Kannon Bright, Ryder Childress, Tyler Frazee

9:33 am – Matthew Dudley, Spencer Kunert, Thomas Tift

10th Tee

8:30 am – Chad Chadwell, Elliott Oliver, Mathew Reynolds, Hugo Ramires

8:39 am – Jack Weeks, Lou Lively, Hamp Threlkeld, Kyle Price

8:48 am – Nicholas Scarano, Andrew Masselle, Whit Watson, Dallas Hunter

8:57 am – Haddon Watson, Gage Flowers, William Whitfield

9:06 am – Porter Fabre, Samuel Reynolds, Talyn Childress

9:15 am – Andrew Carr, Cooper Reid, Tyler Tift